Best Ab Workouts for Women

Many people around the world are trying very hard to get a nice set of abs. The majority of people who want a flat stomach and well toned abs are women.

However, many women do not have the time or money to take up gym membership. Fortunately, you can easily get the abs you want by doing the right abs workouts in your home. With the best abs workouts for women at home and some cardio exercise, you can easily get rid of belly fat and build a toned and sexy midsection in a relatively short amount of time.

Best Ab Exercises for Women

Alternative sit ups are considered to be the best ab workout for women at home because it is so simple. To do this exercise properly, you need to lie on the floor and stretch your hands and legs in opposite directions.

You need to lift your torso and touch your right feet with your left hand. You need to lower your torso gradually to return to the starting position. Repeat the same thing with your left feet and right hand.

Once you touch your feet, you should hold this position for about five seconds for better results. Now repeat this exercise twelve times on each side.

Best Flat Tummy Exercises for Great Female Abs

When performing this exercise, you need to lie on your side with your legs together. Now gradually raise your upper body and support your weight with your hand on the side you are on.

You will likely need to use the other leg for more support. You can then fold the opposite leg and hold it in front of your stomach and make a 90 degree angle with the floor.

As soon as you can no longer hold this position, you can release the position. Repeat these ab exercises about ten times on both sides.

Best Workouts to Get Abs for Females

You need to lie flat on the floor with your legs as straight as possible and keep your hands on either side of your body or under your bum. Lift your legs up and make a 90 degree angle with the floor.

Now gradually lower your legs until they’re about 6 to 8 inches off the floor. When you have your legs on the floor, make sure that you don’t arch your back at all. Repeat this process about ten times.

These are some of the best ab workouts for women at home. Do some of these exercises routinely every week and you will definitely see significant results

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