Jan 7, 2021

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Free Weight Loss Pills Samples With Free Shipping

Because of the fierce competition in the industry, many companies are offering free diet pills trials for their supplements and programs. Why are you doing that?

They believe that special introductory offers will keep you doing business with them.

Free Weight Loss Pills Samples With Free Shipping

Get Weight Loss Pills Offers

Most of the time, users keep using the products because they actually work. Otherwise, companies using this method would lose money quickly due to product costs and advertising / acquisition fees.

But are these free weight loss offers really free and do you have obligations to keep buying?

The answer may be yes and no sometimes. It varies a lot and you need to look at the fine print and details.

Here are a few offers I see a lot:

  1. The most common trial offer you see is for weight loss patches, cellulite reduction creams or diet pills like Acai Berry, Hoodia, Green Tea, Resveratrol, Fat Burning and Colon Cleansing formulas. You only pay shipping costs, which are typically anywhere between $ 4.95 and $ 7.95, and the company sets up an order for auto-shipping too. If you don’t like what you get, you need to stop the automatic sending. Sometimes they give you a smaller single portion bottle and everything is fine when you stop shipping. In certain circumstances, some companies will give you full size bottles and may ask you to return the unused portion. Many don’t.

2. Some companies only charge you shipping and handling fees for free weight loss samples in smaller quantities and have no auto-shipping requirements. I know of a company that gives away first-time meal replacement shakes for a first month because they feel so confident they can reorder their diet shake products — damn good business!

3. Every now and then you can get free diet or weight loss samples out of your pocket for free. You may need to complete a quick survey beforehand or be asked for opinions afterwards. In some cases, there are no terms at all and the company will hope you buy after you try.

4. Some online weight loss programs that don’t ship out offer free trial periods for specific periods. You will then have access to their support, coaching, tips, community, diets, recipes, menus / meal plans, software, e-books, videos, audios and other tools.

Diet Pills Trial Offers

So make sure that you know what you are putting yourself into. In most cases, you will likely be very happy with these trial offers. You can burn fat and lose pounds first before you lose your money on products that may not work for you.